Public release of Emily: Homecoming act 2
Note: All characters in this game are over 18 years of age (and there is no blood relationships between them). All sex scenes are completely consensual. 

You need to flag the file as safe in your anti virus software in order to play it. This is a well known problem with Adrift 5 exes. The file is hosted on our own server and is safe.

This was sort of (un)intentionally meant for the mini-comp on AIF Central but I have a few doubts regarding the recent comments on that site and the future of the AIF scene after my recent two threads there, so I’m releasing it now instead, for free of course.

Anyway, this is act two of the three acts of Emily:Homecoming (sequel to ESA) that I’m working on. It’s meant to feel like a mini-comp game. Hope you enjoy it!

This was made in collaboration with BBBen, and I’d like to really thank him for his contribution. And to be honest, this should be what it’s all about; people working together, whether it is in making games, creating websites, or forums or anything else. I sincerely hope we can revitalize the scene, because it’s in desperate need of it.

Anyway, not going to bore you anymore with my BS. As usual, actually read the ReadMe.txt file!

All the best,

As usual report bugs and inconsistencies please. 

Note: New version uploaded which include a couple of bugfixes (specifically related to how MH points were handled).
Download here (Executable and .Blorb file)