Public release Tentacles Thrive Alpha v3.02 and Progress update
Apologize for the delay. Here are the overdue releases! And now we know that we can include a link that link to adultish materials in a public post without breaking Patreon's rule! 

Download version 

Web version

Public version v3.02:

  • Features UI reconstructed
  • Added Skip button
  • New evolution mechanism - any form of breeding will now prioritize creating new Tentacle species
  • Added 2 new species - Dionaea and Wolfong
  • Added Wolfong bonding events

Major Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed resource spots not functioning sometimes

**Web version's save/load uses browser cookies, which can get cleared. It is not hugely reliable, as well as not likely to be compatible with future web versions, unlike the downloadable version. 

**Beware of food and injury consequences are now active. As a transitional arrangement, until more core features are introduced, if you have less than 1 food, load game will offer you 99 pieces of food.

As usual, to reuse your save, you must rename your newly downloaded file same as the one you saved your game, as well as putting it into the same directory of your previous file. 

Progress update 

Patreon version v3.03:

  • Developed Queen's Nest
  • Added symbiotic relationship into Butanga and Slime Eye' lore 
  • Implemented an extra animation mechanism for feature "Bonding" along with the second mating scene of Dolphy
  • Added two new species - Gritario and Beringarius 
  • Reverted back to unlimited rounds
  • Reworked Tentacles Encyclopedia - now requires skin or encounter to unlock the monster's appearance; breedable only species have no lore until unlocked
  • Added RP to various features
  • Added voice to all mating scenes
  • Added Cirrus and Scrapper Bonding Stories

Major Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed void spot in Royal Army after a monster left
  • Fixed injury not functioning during scouting

Things didn't work out with a new artist, basically nothing was delivered. A special thanks to Renze and Lewd K to handle tasks urgently. In project management speaking, many assets of ours require linear procedure, meaning one task has to be finished before another can begin. There are still some room that we can optimized, but in the end, a delay from one can cause complication on the schedule. I will still have to keep looking for a new artist, which is the only way to optimize our production process. 

There are a few potentially new crew members joining us, including a motion designer and a writer. I still haven't gotten all their info, perhaps I should announce their joining next month in a more official manner. 

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