Public release v3.08 and Progress Update

New updates have arrived! 

Public v3.08

  • Added Endings' requirement placeholders
  • 4 new Mating scenes
  • 3 new Tentacle species (Giant Sepiida, Amoeboid, Blood Star)
  • 3 new Bonding events (Nodder, Inker, Oturo)
  • UI improvement

Downloadable versions 


As usual, to reuse your save, you must rename your newly downloaded file same as the one you saved your game, as well as putting it into the same directory of your previous file.  

Progress update 

Patreon v3.09

  • 4 New Mating Scenes (Blood Star, Silent Cone, Walking Leaves, Nodder 2nd scene)
  • 3 New Species 
  • 6 Post-scene graphics (Inker, Weta, Wolfong, Beringarius, Maratus, Oturo)
  • Bonding events for 3 species (Weta, Slime Eye, Bopbo)
  • 3 new battle animation
  • Added feature Release
  • Rename old Blood Star to Rotten Root
  • UI improvement

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed where species with newly updated bonding events freezes screen when bonding

It's been a long hectic month. I appreciate all the team members, as well as supporters and players who have contributed ideas and bug reports to us. The game is moving toward a better direction because of all of you. 

Any new features are long overdue, so next month I will prioritizing on improving Training, Intelligence, and then creating moods system, perhaps day/night system, something fun for outside of the battle.

We also have a new talent joining us in the writing department, I would like to officially introduce him next month.


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