Public release v3.09 and Progress Update

Thank you for the world of patience! The new updates have arrived~ 

Downloadable versions 


Patreon v3.09

  • 4 New Mating Scenes (Blood Star, Silent Cone, Walking Leaves, Nodder 2nd scene)
  • 3 New Species 
  • 6 post-5th-scene graphics (Inker, Weta, Wolfong, Beringarius, Maratus, Oturo)
  • Bonding events for 3 species (Weta, Slime Eye, Bopbo)
  • 3 new battle animation
  • Added feature Release
  • Rename old Blood Star to Rotten Root
  • UI improvement

Major bug fixes

  • Fixed where species with newly updated bonding events freezes screen when bonding

As usual, to reuse your save, you must rename your newly downloaded file same as the one you saved your game, as well as putting it into the same directory of your previous file.  

Progress update 

Patreon v4

  • 3 New Mating Scenes (Slime Eye, Oturo, Nodder)
  • 3 New post-5th-scene graphics (Skitz, Harska, Slime Eye)
  • New Bonding events for Scorpse and Skitz
  • Added Moods system
  • Added Benefits system (only Slime Eye and Dolphy are functional)
  • UI Improvement

Known issue:

New backgrounds are not implemented yet, Oturo's 2nd mating scene can look unfinished

Be aware that old save is not compatible with v4. I had to reconstruct some data structure for a future feature, Secret Memory. 

I have been and planning to work toward releasing Beta as my priority, which needs to include the below features. The Moods system connects everything outside of battle, but we will need a few more things to make sense of it.

  • Other Bonding methods (gift, feed, play, discipline)
  • Completion of the Benefits system for all other species
  • Usable items
  • Crafting and Skin system

Our content creation flow will continue, but I have to sacrifice a bit of content implementation time in favor of finishing a not-so-confusing Beta sooner. We need to promote our game and hopefully raise a bit more funding, as I certainly need to get some help on QA, writing and testing. 

Follow us on Discord to find out more info! Anyone can join us.  (How to get your role on Discord)

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