Public release Tentacles Thrive Alpha v4!

Be aware that old saves are is not compatible with v4.  

Downloadable versions 


Public v4:

  • 3 New Mating Scenes (Slime Eye, Oturo, Nodder)
  • 3 New post-5th-scene graphics (Skitz, Harska, Slime Eye)
  • New Bonding events for Scorpse and Skitz
  • Added Moods system
  • Added Benefits system (only Slime Eye and Dolphy are functional)
  • UI Improvement

Known issue:

  • New backgrounds are not implemented yet, Oturo's 2nd mating scene can look unfinished


Progress update  

Patreon v4.01:

  • 1 new species (Stone Coral) and 2 new animation (Skitz and Scorpse)
  • New environmental noises for all mating scenes
  • Some items are ready to be used
  • UI improvement

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