Public Release -- Blinders (live rough)
(Posted yesterday but wanted to duplicate here for those not yet following the facebook page.)

I  thought i'd take a chance and share a little something special for  Thanksgiving.  It's a very rough live cut i cooked up today with two old  mics and my home gear.

This song is dedicated to all of my  friends and family, with whom i feel like i'm terrible at keeping in  touch.  I got the idea last month when i realized how often i think of  all the wonderful people in my life amidst the constant distraction of  the workaday hustle.  I finished it up this past week, and felt that  Thanksgiving was a perfect time to express my gratitude for all of these  loved ones, no matter how distant or how rarely we're in touch.

Sincere love and thanks to all of you out there.  As the song says, "You should know!"

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