💾 Public Release : Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Wyvern v.1.00!
Heyho, you funky sexy Wyvern wings!

We jammed!
Oh, how we jammed!

And here it is, the Public Version of Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Wyvern for all of you to play and share with your friends!
You can play it directly in your browser this time :)
🍆  https://teamtailnut.itch.io/pigglet-in-mrs-big-bad-wyvern

Or, if you prefer Newgrounds (with a very lucky number):
🍆  https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/710710

If you're a Love Ninja or higher and want to play the  ❤️ SEXtended Edition ❤️ instead, please check out >>> this post <<< ;)

Our words can't express how happy we are to be at this point, together with our wonderful Patrons, our fans and players. Thank you.
I'll let the one and only Barry White say it for us:

Nothin' and nobody
Baby, could ever take or stop
The love that I have for you
It's very simple, you see it's
Baby, it's real
It's so, so real
What I feel

Stay funky, you wonderful bastards,
Dez & Oni