Public Toilet - Art Spotlight
Complete modeling, texture, render process on YouTube. 

Here the result of a new obsession, like the Teapot Model I always find this bathroom on my way through Montevideo and I say to myself "It looks perfect for a videogame prop" and now the prop is a reality, always fulfill your dreams or model them.

This 5490 tris model started with me taking at least 30 photos in the square while 5 policemen stared at me, so many things could go through their minds that day, I just called myself "Toilet Stalker". 

I could used Photogrammetry to create an excellent reference of the initial model, but I was stubborn and did it completely looking the picture on my phone while I model it on Maya. This was a base model that works like the almost final version of the Low Mesh.

Adding details to be projected was really simple but it took some time create this High Poly mesh.

And the UV Unwrap was pretty easy to work too, for my Unwraps I always use the regular Maya Tools, no fancy things here.

With the Normal Map and AO Map rendered in xNormal I add even more details to the maps using PixaFlux using the map package of details that I am creating (Soon free on Gumroad I swear).

At the end I had this model with a good amount of details already projected and place the colors in the Albedo is really simple, much of the time I use the option "UV Snapshot" of Maya to create masks of objects that I want with different colors to the base that in this case it was green.

Creating the metalness is really simple and very useful for the model, for the gloss I never kill myself too much and I duplicate the Albedo inside a group in Photoshop to with a black and white Adjustment Layer, then I start playing until I have the values that I want in the final model.

For the final render I have a Marmoset template scene for it, where I include 3 of my favorite lights that favor any of the models used so far, what always really changes is the HDR depending of the model.

Really in love with the final render, it took me a while to create it since I am doing some freelance that is almost over and it was fantastic and unfortunately I can not show anything yet.

Also let me know if you have any question about the model or the process and I will answer it with pleasure.

Best wishes.

- Aender Lara

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