[Public] Trans fiction recommendations video: Recent novels
This was the $275 reward and I just finished making it! You voted for "trans fiction" as the topic of the first recommendations video, and... well it ended up being two videos, one about short story anthologies and one about novels. I just like to talk a lot!

I wanted to post the one with the short story anthologies first, but I finished subtitling this one sooner, and it was also easier to upload on Youtube. So you get this one first. The other one will follow in a few days too, G-d willing.

I mention in the video that I wanted to do a giveaway, but apparently Patreon doesn't allow giveaways any more, so I'll just do the giveaway-y part on my blog once both videos are up. Sorry about that!

I really enjoyed making the videos. Did you like this one? Let me know! I'm considering putting another video for the $350 goal, and you'll again be able to vote, if you're interested.

The following books are in this video:

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee - bought with my own money

Viscera by Gabrielle Squailia - review copy from the author

The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden - ARC from the author

Juniper Leaves by Jaz Joyner - review copy from the author

Small Beauty by jia qing wilson-yang - bought with my own money

Margins and Murmurations by Otter Lieffe - review copy from the author

A Country of Ghosts by Margaret Killjoy - review copy from the author

The Lamb Shall Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy - from Lawrence Public Library

There are probably various mispronunciations sprinkled throughout (even though I tried and the video took multiple takes). I'm terribly sorry about that!! It kind of shows that I don't get out much :S But the list above should hopefully not have any typos.