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Public Transit Icon
Hey guys

Here's the transit icon!

Recap: I couldn't do a longer icon for the file size so I've settled on a shorter loop than I usually make (40 frames).

 I had hoped to make a zootopia version that cycles the different zones of the city, alas this would be much too large for icon use! However if you'd still like a variant of that theme let me know which zone you prefer from the movie (Savannah Square, Tundra Town, Rainforest District or inner city) :>

 There are options for background and I'm open to  doing custom bg's so please let me know in your email what deets you'd like (currently there are forest and city)

Due to time constraints the rural and zootopia BG's will be done on request.

Emails can be sent to [email protected] 


(can be linked or written) SFW preferred - regulars are on file

Icon Type:

(as a patron you can pick any)


(if there's anything specific you think I should know or if you want extras included) If transit icon please include BG

Streaming note: I'll be streaming tomorrow night, probably late at night until Monday afternoon, notices will be posted here and on twitter :>