Hi, everyone!

I thought I'd blog on my progress.

As I've said before, I'm trying to keep the pages down to 10 or so per chapter, and I imagine the page count will be about 150.

This will place the word count for the novel to be near 50,000 words.

Why is it so short?

Well, this is a family friendly novel.  Kids will read it, parents will read it, teachers will read it.

Most family friendly fantasy books like this are half the size of the more grown up fantasy books (which push 100,000 words to 200,000).

As you can see, I've screen shotted my word count, but I am only showing PAGE 1!!  Why?!  Well, if you want to read the rough draft, then you should pre-order the book!  I'll even show you each page as I complete it and take feedback from you!


So, if you want to "call my bluff" and see just how much I've written, then buy the $24 pre-order!  I'll reveal the rough draft to you in full!  :D

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