Public Update - We are with you.
Hey dear supporters of Good for PoC, we wanted to send an update about the project so you know we are still here and committed to creating more inclusive spaces for people of color in STEAM.

The past month has been a painful experience for the USA, and it has similarly affected the team. We needed some downtime to process everything that happened and find our paths back to feeling centered. I think we have reached that point and are now ready to get back to business.

Next weekend, we will have our first meeting of 2017. The plan: discuss the challenges and wins of our initiative's activities in 2016 as well as plan for this year. There are many things we would love to get done, but we must ensure that we do things in an order that leads to the largest impact.

More news will come next week. Thank you for continuing to support us, and we are absolutely going to further our efforts to make STEAM-focused industries more diverse and inclusive for marginalized people.