Public Version 0.0.5

Hey guys,

This is the public release of version 0.0.5.

This version includes previously promised improvements (character info screen, and game compression).

In this version there are several scenes with different routes that you can take, some are in the gallery but not all of them (not all routes are the same length).

Scene routes:

- Jenny office - 2 routes

- Doctor scene 1 - 4 routes (2 shorts)

- Doctor scene 2 - 5 routes (1 shorter than the others)

Release notes:

- over 170 new renders

- added character info screen

- image compression from over 2GB to just over 500Mb

- add 9 new scenes to the gallery

- several bugs fixes


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

I hope you enjoy, PHWAMM

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