[Public] WIP MID JUL 2016
Thank you out there for being a Patreon! It means a lot to us and any bit helps.

So a sneak peek for all you Patreons out there! This is a new revision of the mysterious purple hair girl you've seen around on here in this month's WIP!


  • 2000 x 2000 Canvas for HQ
  • 894 x 1516 For this Avi! (Not including the BG)
  • Uses 184 Layers!

Item's List

  • Love Pain Embarrassed [Eyes] (Blue)
  • Fighter Headband [Accessory] (Blue)
  • Rough Fighter Long [Hair] (Blue)
  • Fighter Linear Dress  [Shirt] (Blue)
  • Fighter Garterbelt [Leg] (Blue)
  • Left Arm Bandages [Accessory] (White)
  • Right Arm Warmer [Accessory] (Blue)
  • English-Japanese "Fighter" Foreground (Blue)