Publicity Through Other Channels
Thankfully, as a photographer and videographer, i get to travel to various festivals. Over time, Dance Channels start to take notice and provide oportunity fr me to promote myself and what i do. Dance has been my passion for some time now, and to use video to promote social dance venues around region is one of the way I want to give back to the community, but to do so requires a bit of funds which I do not have. 

This is where I am turning to Patreon, to help fund me to create this web series featuring all the popular dance venues in the region, starting with Social Dance venues in Malaysia followed the nearby countries. 

This goes hand in hand with my blog that I use to try and promote the dance and create a more wholesome experience to dancers that travels around the world to dance.

Do help me out by pledging via this network to help me realize this web series that I hope, will be produced on bi monthly basis.