The Pudding Club Season One
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

Thats IT. Season One of 'The Bakery Bears Pudding Club' is in the books. So, the moment has come. Yes, today the vote opens. We invite everyone one of you to vote for your favourite. 

Now, don't worry if you haven't made them all or even any of them, vote for the one you think looks the most delicious. BUT if you HAVE made some or in fact all of them, PERFECT! Let us know which one you loved the most. 

After you have cast your vote if you would like to comment below too, that would be wonderful. Tell us why you voted for the one you did. 

It has been a long series, so we are delighted to include below links to each episode of the show. The first link you see is the YouTube edition of the show and the second you'll see is a link to our extra special Gold edition of the show. 

Our Gold editions are special directors cuts of each show with extended footage, extra outtakes and links in the show notes to all our research notes. These special editions of the show can be viewed by Gold & Platinum Patrons. 

Pudding Club Season One 

Syrup Sponge

Spotted Dick

Winifred Pudding

Summer Fruits Roulade

Raspberry Cheesecake

Millionaires Shortbread

Apple Pie

Plum Pudding

176 votes total