Pull Requests, Everywhere
In my previous update I noted that Tiled was accepted into the Google Summer of Code and since then we're listed as an organization. I had not entirely anticipated the large amount of students that would be interested to work on Tiled this summer, but it meant that for this entire month I'm busy reviewing the many pull requests they have opened to show they are capable of working on Tiled and to have a chance of getting their proposed projects accepted (so far, I merged about 15 changes from 10 different authors). Unfortunately it also meant I'm rather late with this update.

Almost two weeks ago I only just got around to writing a development update on the forums with the list of changes that went in. Even though it was packed with nice small enhancements, it was so dry I didn't want to just post the link on Patreon, but I didn't get around to write a nice post either.

I just added another development update about more code reviews I did last week, of which several changes have been merged. Now with the authors properly linked and a few screenshots added, check out all those great improvements! And of course, install a development snapshot if you haven't already to try them out.