Pulse | Social Seating Structure
Amidst the vast sea of stimuli that surrounds us, Pulse sets a stage for spontaneous social interaction. Each new encounter provides us the opportunity to interpret the world through fresh perspectives, and gain newfound personal clarity. Inspired by the curves of the human body and the steady flow of the city, the close proximity of each seat erodes at personal spheres - welcoming a new, more socially connected outlook; Pulse aims to reunite community.<br><br>The seats follow the curves of the human body and accommodate a large range of body types and sizes. The four spots are offset and placed at different heights to create the illusion of four separate seats, however by closely unifying them strangers voluntarily allow personal sphere's to overlap. The comfort of the form allows users to enter an open, almost vulnerable state, prime for deep and meaningful conversation. The lounge seats are distanced at the optimal range for gazing and fully seeing each user's counterpart.