Punching above our weight
The folks at NPR One have been super-kind to us.  They’ve featured An Arm and a Leg in their app, which puts us in some pretty heavy company.  


Which is really, really cool. I am so proud to be making a show that’s listed with some of the best stuff around.

And I just want to brag a little bit and say: There’s a scrappy part of me that’s extra-proud to be doing this… on a shoestring. 

When you support An Arm and a Leg, your money goes to pay my collaborators. I do my work on a three-season sun-porch behind my son’s bedroom. It’s scrappy and awesome.  

The secret ingredients are

  1. A space heater. This is Chicago. We have that fourth season here.
  2. “Acoustic treatments” to keep my voice from echoing off the brick walls and the windows.  

And those “acoustic treatments”? Super home-brewed. Like the rest of my setup. Here’s what it looks like:



Oh, and I turn the space heater off. That thing makes sound. 

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