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Punished Props Video Content - week of 9/11 - 9/17
Wolverine Prop Claws – Head Stabbing Gag 

For Dragon Con 2017 Bill put together an Old Man Logan costume. Along with a pair of normal claws, he also made a couple sets of gag claws.

Old Man Logan Hair & Makeup Tutorial with Jackie Craft at Dragon Con 

At Dragon Con 2017 Bill teamed up with Jackie Craft to do the makeup and hair for his Old Man Logan costume.

Assembling the Tank Trooper Helmet – Printed on a Cheap 3D Printer – Anet A8 

The time has come to start assembling the Star Wars Tank Trooper helmet that Bill printed on the Anet A8, low budget 3D printer!

Prop: Live - Q&A with Bill Post Dragon Con - 9/14/2017 

We’re back from DragonCon! We’re getting our schedule back on track, gathering submitted questions from the last few weeks. Bill answers questions about adhesives, metallic finishes, 3D Printer kits, airbrushes, 3D modeling helmets, and more!