Pupdate...and happy Thanksgiving!
Goooooood morning everyone! Or afternoon. Or whenever you're reading this :) 

We're over the halfway mark with Vienna's recovery...I'm debating whether to have xrays done the first week of December, to see how she's progressing. They had said 4-6 weeks, so if she's all healed up we could move on....or if she's "almost" there, we'd have to do another set of xrays 2 weeks later. And if she's not healing well and needs surgery, we'd be able to get that scheduled sooner rather than waiting another 2 weeks for recovery that's not working. AGH. I wish there was a "right" answer....paying for (or putting her through) more treatments is just not something I wanna do :( 

Vienna has totally hit the cabin fever wall! 2 weeks ago the vet got more insistent about keeping her from jumping around, so she's spent more time crated since then. If I let her loose just to eat her food, she does so then BOLTS around the house with crazy zoomies. Poor girl is a racehorse confined to a barn stall! Hopefully we won't have a surgery/recovery period coming too!

Giallo has been stir crazy too. I take him to the park to run, but he's not used to playing with other dogs as much - he runs with them a little, or by himself some, but....he misses his big sister! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!!! Thanks as always for your support!!


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