YOOOOOOOO I'm back to playing games again, having a good relaxing time decompressing. Videogames are the only tool for pure decompression we all know this, believe it...that's why I need it in my life. Ladies and Gentlemen I'm so antisocial right now, I need to have some fun, come have fun with me. I'll be streaming again soon, prolly in 5 minutes who knows, I'm playing the brand new hit game Hotline Miami 1 this time around because I avoided it forever because it was too good and it made me sick but now I'm already so sick this doesn't make me that way anymore, it's the new sickness I'm trying to alleviate. Help me with my exorcism. 

I'll be streaming it up for a few hours at least 3 times a week. It's gonna be so fun hahaha I'm already laughing so hard. 

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