Puro Alpha: January/February (0.0.3f1+)

Latest Version: v0.0.3f13 (2/11/2019)

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THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR WAITING!! These last two months were a wild ride for development, but the pieces are finally falling into place and I feel like I can truly proceed with new enemy types, stages, puzzles, what have you. This project would've have gotten anywhere this far without your help, and I appreciate it more than anything ~❤ 

Please keep in mind that updates may be a little slow for a bit as I'll be shifting to a planning phase, although a good amount of concept art will be uploaded during this time. Thank you for understanding!

 v0.0.3f13 (2/11/2019) 


  • Removed 2/3 hit combo, attacks are slightly slower but can be performed infinitely
  • Staff no longer does damage to stunned enemies
  • Puro moves forward less if the stick isn't touched while attacking. Pushing in the direction of the attack makes her move as far as before
  • Grabbing an enemy immediately after stunning them results in a different grab animation


  • Added "auto attack" option to the debug menu as an accessibility option - Puro will keep attacking automatically as long as attack is held while facing an enemy. This will be canceled if she misses, is blocked, or the enemy is grabbed.
  • Pressing start while in a sub-menu of the pause menu now backs out of that menu instead of unpausing the game. Does not apply to the debug menu.


  • Significantly improved timing of attack inputs
  • Increased health of crates slightly, now requiring three staff hits or two melee item hits.
  • Thrown weapons can now hit multiple crates in a row, instead of shattering with the first one hit
  • Deflected baseballs in the batting cage now restores health.
  • Attacks now have less starting lag. Total time to perform the attack remains unchanged


  • Slightly improved hit detection for fastballs
  • Fixed bug where Puro could start moving around freely during an attack if attacks were spaced out slightly
  • Fixed bug where Puro could resume attacking immediately after performing a dodge attack

v0.0.3f12 (2/7/2019)


  • Fixed major bug that would reset player settings to their saved settings every time a new room was entered 
  • Fixed serious camera issue that would be caused by pausing in certain circumstances and could only be fixed by restarting the game
  • Fixed bug where stunned enemies would do damage on contact if the player bounced off of them 
  • Fixed bug where the player could take a weapon with them to the HUB area by pausing and entering it via the debug menu while the grab animation was playing but before the item was grabbed
  • Puro's hat now flashes along with the rest of her when she takes damage
  • Training dummy now properly shows the staff does zero damage
  • Fixed issue where repeatedly attacking the training dummy would change Puro's attacks to consistently deal triple damage


  • Melee combo is now every so slightly slower
  • Adjusted timer for bouncing, players that get trapped between an enemy and a wall will no longer get stuck
  • Further adjusted bounce direction, players will now bounce in the direction held if they land near the center of an enemy's head


  • The weapon dropped by the Snapper now allows for a 3-hit combo

v0.0.3f11 (2/6/2019)


  • Stunned enemies no longer do damage on contact
  • Player is pushed away from the enemy when bouncing off of them instead of just Puro's backwards direction
  • Improved detection for the autograb somewhat
  • Significantly optimized save times
  • Game now slows down when it drops below 20fps, to prevent the player from falling through everything


  • Added option to have the game automatically pause if the application loses focus
  • Staff now has a unique swing and hit effect
  • Unique sound now plays when an enemy is stunned


  • Fixed magpad cling particle missing
  • Dying in the batting cage no longer increases the pitching rate
  • Snappers now respawn when dying/resetting a room
  • Dodging no longer cancels blink time
  • Dive Drifters can not longer be pushed around
  • Fixed lower platforms in enemy test from being too close together
  • Puro can move sooner after recoiling from hitting a shatter stone
  • Stun effects no longer linger when resetting a room
  • Fixed Puro sliding forwards when attacking enemies to the left (she slides forwards a bit when attacking but stops automatically when close enough to an enemy)
  • Improved (but didn't entirely fix) camera flipping out after hitting a fastball
  • Camera trigger at top of tower works again
  • Fixed various pause menu bugs

v0.0.3f10 (1/31/2019)


  •  Added the Staff of Ruyi, a weapon Puro has by default! It isn't very powerful, but can stun enemies, deflect projectiles, and break crates. You can still get items for enemies, just as before. 
  • Pressing jump in the air when not carrying an item will make Puro do a little twirl that gives a little bit more airtime. This is reset every time you land or double-jump with an item.  
  • Puro's got a new hat!
  • Hats are now customizable! There are three in this build, accessible via the pause menu.
  • The doorway near the top of the tower has been opened!
  • Two new enemies, though one is using a recolored driftered model atm.


  • Puro will still attempt to grab enemies that are vulnerable to grabs when facing them with the attack button. This can be turned off in options.
  • Updated control scheme! Mag is now a dedicated grab/throw button, and the action button will now attack with the staff when not carrying an item.
  • Added a "Legacy Controls" option which makes the controls work closer to earlier builds.
  • Two-handed melee weapons can hit multiple enemies in a row when thrown.
  • Added shatter stone, which can only be broken by throwing an item at it
  • Puro will no longer slide off ledges while attacking
  • A "quickdodge" option has been added, which makes Q and E/L2 and R2 dodge left/right, respectively.
  • Added a health pickup, with temporary model.


  • Landing in the middle of an aerial attack has ending lag
  • Throwing a two-handed weapon has more ending lag
  • There's a small amount of recoil when throwing in the air
  • Distance of dodge has been tweaked
  • Attack combo has been reduced from three swings to two. This may be reverted in a future update.


  • Most weapons now are held with two hands, with a few animation changes to match
  • Small tweaks to various particle effects
  • Fixed issue where swing effect direction would change if the attack was interrupted with another action
  • Improvements to camera movement


  • To go with the new control scheme, the Advanced Magpad, Shatterjump Input, and Quick Mag Button options have been removed.
  • Quick double-jump is still present, but requires legacy controls be enabled.


  • The movement Puro does when attacking is generally cleaner
  • A lot of bugs have been removed int general just from changes to the mechanics, so, you know, not much to list here

Note: There is currently a saving bug that is being worked around by saving only when quitting the game, but this leads to the game hanging for a bit when doing so. It shouldn't last more than a few seconds, though.

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