Purple and Blue - The Colors of Protection and Wisdom
I've been up to my elbows in blue and purple beads! Over the past several days I've made close to a dozen jewelry pieces in my Round 2 colors. This has given me plenty of time to ponder the qualities of these colors.

Blue and purple are on the cool side of the spectrum (although you can have warm variants of each). In basic color psychology, cool colors are considered to be calming and soothing - and they are! However, my intuitive perceptions of these colors go beyond this mainstream take, into the metaphysical ~

Blue (and some purple) for Protection

Many spiritual healing practices call in blue light to protectively surround the energy fields of the healer and healee - keeping out negative energy during the vulnerable time when the energy fields are open.

In Feng Shui, blue doors and window frames are found in many cultures, with the understanding that the color repels negative energy while allowing positive energy to enter. This especially true for deep cobalt and turquoise blue shades. 

The blue gemstone Turquoise is considered protective in many traditions, including Native American and Tibetan shamanism.

In addition, the  purple gemstone Amethyst can protect against psychic attack. It does this by transforming the negative energy into a positive expression of universal love. Pretty cool! And also, a highly developed form of wisdom. Which brings us to ...

Purple (and some blue) for Wisdom

Purple is the color of the crown chakra, which is our connection with spirit and access to our higher and wiser selves. It facilitates visions and dreaming, contemplation, meditation, and the development of our inner sanctuary.

Blue/turquoise is the color of the 4th chakra, while the deeper blue known as indigo represents the 5th chakra or third eye. These are the energy centers that relate to communication - both in the real world through our voice (4th chakra) and by receiving information from the invisible realm (5th chakra). 

The gemstones representing these chakras are Turquoise and Sodalite for blue, and Amethyst for purple. Taken together, these minerals enhance such wisdom-developing qualities as mental and spiritual clarity, ability to integrate new ideas and understand cause and effect, and plain old reliable common sense.

I find that when I have some understanding of the metaphysical qualities of the energies I choose to wear or surround myself with, that I can deepen my enjoyment and benefits of using these tools. I hope you might find that to be the case for you, and that this little explanation will facilitate that enjoyment.

And now - about those jewelry items! Several pieces sold before I could get them listed in my Zibbet shop, which is not a bad thing :) But don't worry, I have more in the making - which means a reveal is coming soon, so please stay tuned!

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