Purpose of LIFE (Listening Intently for Everyone)
Hello everyone! For those that are wondering what will be provided by me, that's simple! By becoming a patron of LIFE, you will not only be supporting the development of this never-seen-before video game, but also have access to all the updates and blogs that I will provide in regards to not only LIFE, but your lives! The purpose of the video game is to provide a platform for a creative and fun way for people with similar interests to listen to one another. However, there is a twist, it will also include online shopping, mini-games (that sync with either an apple watch or fitbit), chat mode, blog mode, and connect mode. Become a patron now to see what this all means! I have high hopes for this game and I know it has the potential to go worldwide. It can help those that are shy, depressed, or even those who just need a little encouragement/socialisation. I hope you will support me in this! Thank you very much!