Pursuers - Chapter 1
Alright! Chapter 1 of Pursuers is now officially ready for public consumption! This one is considerably beefier than the prologue, so please enjoy! As always I hope to hear your valuable feedback via the Discord or my Twitter account.

I want to point out that this (albeit a day late) is basically my christmas gift to you guys. Please, for all intents and purposes, consider this the January release of Pursuers. Expect the next chapter to be released (publically) early February.

Also, starting with Chapter 2, Patrons will receive the chapter early, so if you don't want to wait till February, you don't have to!

Docs Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lBCoYrX4UQDUMb9wwN-92kGwWQIHMFtXwWE4rPZWbc8/edit?usp=sharing