Pushing gits, cutting scenes
First of all, I want to thank all of the patrons that have been pledging some of their precious money to my project. The number of patrons is slowly growing, and it fills me with determination. Many, many thanks! 

Remember to contact me on discord if you want access to the patron-only channel!

Now, to the devlog! The last few days have been very productive! First big thing I did was set up source control. For the non-programmers, this is a sort of online back up system that lets me make sure that I never lose my progress, and if I mess up real bad I can go back to an older, functioning version of the project and not have to start from, like, rock bottom.

Aside from this boring stuff, I've been setting up a cutscene system, thanks to the tutorials and help of the brilliant Friendly Cosmonaut.

Go give her all the love and support at her Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/friendlycosmonaut 

Following her latest Youtube tutorial, and hacking, modifying and adding to it, I managed to create a couple of useful animations for the game, like the ones on the post header, or this one:

Drops to the floor unharmed! Ten outta ten.

I've also hooked my dialog system to the cutscene system, making all of the dialog popups be more fun to play with and implementable in more interesting and clever ways. I run into a few bugs here and there, but nothing major. 

Mostly, it was just me being stupid. Like when I tried to fix for 1 hour and a half a problem where the sprite_index of an icon wouldn't change to what I was setting it, only to find out that I was writing image_index instead all along.

But feeling stupid while coding is all part of the fun! Can't wait to keep feeling stupid all through next week!

Until next time!

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