Put a Ring on It.
Sorry if I have been seemingly absent since my last live recording. I had some extra hours at work this week, making it tough for me to get up early enough to get online and create.

It was my intention to cam today but some pretty serious drama landed in my lap and I'm having a hard time coping with today, so I'm gonna chill, may cam on MFC later.

Current projects that I'm still working on:

Pendant Project- I think that one of the designs I made is actually pretty good, but I'm still playing around. I'm having a hard time making something that isn't too busy cause that's how I get.

Phone Case (side project)- I still have a lot of work to do on this. I've done no painting on the case and I've not painted the clay, only colored it with micas.

Postcards- Since I don't get much feedback on my Patreon from patrons I think that I will go ahead and make the first one a surprise! I'll post what they look like after I've sent them out and everyone gets them. Hoping to do that in the next few days if I can get my butt out of the house.As evidenced by my photo, I procured a ring light. Brandon actually got this for me. I haven't set it up yet but I intend to use it for both beauty makeup and art videos.

I intend to broadcast on YouTube tomorrow. I don't get a ton of people watching but it helps motivate me and keeps me working and I get footage.

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