Putting Americans in harms way
Episode 876   Do average American citizens have the right  to put other American citizens in harms way?   Time and time again we see natural disasters hit the United States, and time and time again folks stay in harms way when they could've easily gotten out of the way!!!

 I love the heart of the American people, because deep down for the most part they want to help others in need.  And that sometimes puts them in harms way.  I glad I live in a country where we are free to help others, and we do.  These folks sometimes risk life and limb to help folks in natural disasters, and they deserve our praise!!!  And after the disaster is over those same American want to help those folks affected to rebuild, awesome!!!

 My question is to those in these natural disasters like hurricanes, and flooding events, is it right for you to put others in harms way to rescue you?  There are a few rare cases where someone just can't leave an area and I understand that.  But if you have the ability to leave and don't, do you ever think about those who would risk their lives to rescue you?  And maybe just maybe if you did leave, those rescuers might have more time for those who really needs their help.  Just questioning!!!