Puzzle schedule
Just to let you know a bit of what you can expect from me in the future, here's a rough schedule of what I plan to post. Each Friday, I will post at least two puzzles in a single pack. At least one of those puzzles will be a variety crossword, such as a Marching Bands, Pathfinder, or Some Assembly Required. On the second Friday of the month, the second puzzle will be a cryptic crossword -- probably a variety cryptic, but possibly a block cryptic. On the last Friday of the month, there will also be a logic puzzle, which will usually be a twist on a standard puzzle type like Nurikabe or Masyu. The other weeks, there will usually be two variety crosswords. So, in a typical month, you'll get 6 or 8 variety crosswords, one cryptic, and one logic puzzle. If I write a puzzle hunt, that will probably take up two or three packs in the space of a week or two. Depending on the sorts of puzzles I write for the hunt, and how much constructing time I have, there may or may not be regular updates during those weeks. Some of this is subject to change, based on my schedule and solver feedback -- if many of you don't want to see so many logic puzzles, for example, I might end up cutting back on those. And patrons at the $3 level can propose puzzle types, themes, and seeds for me to use, so some of the puzzles will reflect their choices. But I already have most of the first couple months of updates planned out, so those changes probably won't come until July or August at the earliest. Any questions about my schedule? Feel free to leave a comment on this post.