Pyramid of the Lost King: Adventures in Basq
February is over and March is up to bat! I will have polls out by Friday and as with last month the top picked poll will get an adventure in that genre at some point this month. The $2 and $3.50 patron rewards have been sent out/are at the printers. I hope everyone enjoyed the adventures released last month and criticism is greatly appreciated as always. So, this next part is new. This month I made $41.00 after patron fees. The majority of that is going to picking up 2 stock art collections from drivethrurpg by Mark Aukland (two of his pieces grace this month's collection). The rest is going to the kickstarter reserve fund to pump into my Kickstarter ( should it need the boost in the 11th hour. If the boost is not needed those funds will go to Frank Turfler ( or Danny Prescott ( for an original piece. This month I'm planning on another 5 releases but this time with a little more meat. Last month (with all the problems that came with it) was busy and finding time was a job in and of itself. This month, I'm hoping the stars align and allow more time for creation. Thanks again guys!
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