PYRO map is now live!
Hey everybody watching, I posted up the Pyro Core System map earlier today, it's on my Imgur so just follow the link to the album below and scroll down to the bottom so you can download it! 

Pyro is a somewhat complicated map, not unlike our own system it has many different worlds and the most jump points of any other system that I've drawn to date. Lots of roads in and out, lots of planets to hide or explore. There's also an abandoned space station orbiting Pyro VI and everybody knows that's prime territory for fun ;) Just watch out for the inevitable ambush. This led me to add a new detail area on this map that I haven't had to do before. It didn't take much time for me to rearrange the layout of the assumed N arrow and surrounding text and I think it turned out pretty neat looking. At the very least every version of the map has information that links to the others even if none of the have all of the information individually. It's there if you look hard enough!

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