PyTH - Early Trips
OSTs from life experiences long, long ago :) But thought you might might appreciate or want a gander.
Tier Benefits
$5 or more per month
Enjoy yer own bar stool at the Rotten Oaks..

Access to private/unlisted streams.
Access to new works before they hit youtube.

Mention at the end of Art compilation videos.

Includes Discord rewards
Day Tripper
$10 or more per month
You're a caffeinated friend to the Oaks and regularly stop in for a wee nip.

Name in video credits.

All above rewards.

Includes Discord rewards
Rotten Oaks Regular
$25 or more per month
Promotion and invite to vox chat in discord for pub Lock-ins (livestream group sessions)

Guest spot consideration.
All below rewards.

Includes Discord rewards
Friend of Pheeliks
$50 or more per month
  • Private chat options in discord
  • Character still
  • Plus all previous rewards
Includes Discord rewards
$100 or more per month
Such appreciation, much wow! You are allowed into the cellar to just help yourself to the casks with Stitches! 

Character sketch and place in the cyclical animated stream intro (community art project).

Signed and messaged Character Postcard.

All above rewards.

Includes Discord rewards
Resident Weevil
$250 or more per month
You must be rat arsed! 

Scheduled monthly private talk.

Shout out as major investor.

Priority game seat (usually during vermintide and such)

All above rewards.

Includes Discord rewards
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