Python Patch Mod Updates - Master List
Hey everyone, as you've probably realized by now the latest patch broke any and all script mods (the ones ending with .zip or .ts4script).

To keep it simple, all of my mod updates will be listed here, with a brief explanation of what they do.

All Cheats - Re-enables all the cheats the guru's blocked with the season's patch.

BuildCam - Enables the TAB camera mode in BuildBuy Mode. 

Always FreeBuild - Forces Freebuild mode on.

Always FullEditMode - Forces CAS into Full Edit Mode. Pairs well with AlwaysTesting.

Always MOO - Forces MoveObjects On.

Always Testing - Forces TestingCheats True.

ClubCredit - Adds a cheat that modifies your club balances easily and quickly.
Command: tm.clubcredit

DayWalkers - Allows vampires to be in sunlight without burning.

FullHouse - A cheat mod that allows you to manually add more than 8 sims to a household.
Command: tm.fullhouse

Lifetime Skills - Lets you carry over a % of skill value to their next-age equivalents.
(There is also a variant that excludes the steel bladder perk for maxed potty skill)

LiveDrag - Allows you to drag any object while in live mode.
Command: tm.livedrag_all

Sell Inventory - Allows you to sell entire household inventory in one command.
Command: tm.sellinventory

No Weather BuildBuy - Removes snow, rain, puddles, and drifts while in buildbuy mode.

Vehicles - Cheat mod that lets you spawn high-resolution decorative vehicles.
Command: tm.vehicles

Vampire Toggle - Cheat mod that lets you stop vampires spawning
(will convert any vampires to human on spawn).
Command: tm.togglevampires 

Values Toggle - Cheat mod to toggle character values. When values are off, any value changes will result in a neutral value (zero).
Command: tm.togglevalues

Select any you want from the list below and save them directly to your mods folder.
Any questions, feel free to ask here or on twitter :)

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