Answers for some quick questions...

What can Platinum subscribers ask for? 

Anything! It will be a sketch - no colors, no inks - but subject matter can be anything you like as long as you can point me at some kind of reference. Want the character you play in a video game? Send me a screen cap. Want a canon character from some fandom? Tell me who and what. Want an original character? Send me a (all about the physical details!) description and some googled pictures to point at and go "this type of hair/skin/fur", etc. 

When should Platinum subscribers send their requests?

Any time after you subscribe. It's one per subscriber per month, so really, you have a month to think about what you want. Drop me a note, message me! If I haven't received a request by the last week of the month I'll start poking people. ^_^

You're doing commissions?

Not right this minute. Commissions will open when I have the time and resources to devote to them. It will probably only be 4-5 slots at a time and I'll finish those up and take a break before opening the next batch. No guarantee right now on how often this will be - ideally a batch a month would be phenomenal, but realistically a batch every quarter would probably be better. I don't want to frustrate myself or you by being too slow. Patreons will always get first grab at the commission slots, though!

Do the Platinum sketches count for the lower rank sketches? (Do I have to share my sketch request??)

Up to the Platinum subscriber. If you want to keep your sketch request private, that's fine! I'll just send it to you. If you  don't mind sharing, it'll go into the sketch batches along with everything else I've scribbled recently. 

Your Patreon is listed as NSFW?

Patreon counts bare skin - including artistic nudity - as NSFW. Chances I'll be doing any full monty is very small (unless someone asks for it as their month request! ^_^) but I do like doing bare skin of both genders just because it's pretty. Since I don't want to tangle with Patreon's rules I figured better safe than sorry.