First round of questions, with answers coming right up!  I’m going to make this set public just as an example for everyone, but future responses will be for The Knowledge Seekers and up (as of now!). 

Who do you think would be your best friend in the RWBYverse?

My first reaction to this question is to answer with Blake.  She likes to read (I used to read a lot before I started writing instead).  She seems quiet, thoughtful, and, in general, much more mellow.  She’s independent so doesn’t need company all the time, which is great for my highly introverted self.  I don’t want to hang out all the time - she doesn’t want to hang out all the time.  Perfect!

But when I thought about this question further I realized that I currently don’t have any friends like Blake.  Most of my closest friends are much more like Yang.  So realistically, based on my own life, I’d have to think I’d be friends with Yang in the RWBYverse.  All of the characters are amazing though, so you really can’t go wrong!  (Unless you’re picking the bad guys.)


What inspired you to start writing?

If you’ve read my profile page on, you might know that I started by reading fan fiction - which I had no idea existed until several years ago.  The particular fandom I was reading at the time (a yuri manga called Citrus) is smaller and didn’t have many stories available.  After blowing through almost all of them, I had a crazy thought.

Maybe I could write a story too.

That’s what fan fiction is, right?  Regular people writing stories for a movie, tv show, book - some universe that they like.  I’m a regular person, I have shows and stuff I like, so why not me too?  I think that was the first moment when writing didn’t feel like such a...profession - like something only real writers did. 

I didn’t have to be a real writer to try.  All I needed was a computer and an idea.  So I decided to give it a shot and see what happened.  You know the rest of the story (or stories…).

Why do you write RWBY when you don’t currently watch the show?

The real question might be why I don’t currently watch the show.  It’s no secret that I stopped watching at the end of Volume 3.  I should have stopped at the end of Volume 2...but my decision not to watch is purely self serving - preservation of my mental state.  I know bad things are happening and I love these characters so much that I don’t want to see bad things happen to them.  

I do plan on watching again either at the end of the show or if Bumblebee becomes canon (really hoping for that second one though).  Then there will be something positive for me to look forward to in what I’m sure have been emotionally heartbreaking and stressful episodes.

I guess I just don’t think I’ll handle the cliffhangers very well.  I honestly don’t know how some of you read my stories from week to week!  I’d definitely be waiting for that ‘complete’ tag to come up before diving in, but I have a lot of respect for the people who hang in there week after week.

Great questions!