1. Q: Should I do a fast? If so what kind and how long 

A: There are benefits to fasting for sure, but typically, i would recommend them to people who already have a pretty consistently clean and heathy life style. Food is medicine and if you’re feeling shitty, it’s probably due to eating things not properly supporting your bodies specific needs and getting some high quality nutrition in there would do a lot of good before you go not eating at all, or only drinking juices. Secondly, If you do feel compelled to do really restricted or liquid only style diet, I recommend it not just being fruit and veggie juices, but bone broths as well. Getting the minerals and proteins is super important, not just for keeping a proper balance in the body against sugar over load that can happen with juice, but a great number of us can use the extra boost of collagen and gut healing properties that bone broths and collagens offer. Also look in to intermittent fasting.  This is  about leveraging the time we spend not eating while sleeping for maximum benefit. 

2. Q: What’s the deal with positive thinking? Do I have to like everything and be nice to everyone.

A: No and certainly not. First nice and kind are different. also positive thinking isn’t about convincing yourself that you like things that you don’t. It’s about focusing the most on the things you like. and as neutrally as possible on the things you don’t. If part of the problem on positivity is that don’t really think you like anything…there maybe a little something more beneath the surface like being fed-up, or disappointed and liking anything feels like too much of a risk. If you think this is the case for you lets connect and see if about getting that untangled for you. 

3. Q: I just watched a documentary on food and now I’m afraid to eat anything. 

A: Knowledge is power, but it can also be crippling. The more you know sometimes can overwhelm us on what to do now. Like okay, so if it’s all a lie or poison…now what? As if we all don’t have enough trust issues. So first, be prepared to do the things that aren't great for you anyway. Even when you know better. It happens and some habits take time to change, but it has been proven that mixing food or drink with guilt and shame makes even good stuff less good for us and bad stuff all the worse. If you’re going to do it, do your best to not feel bad about it…..(this is part of the trifecta of satisfaction) 

Next. How do you know what to trust? For starters……don’t just read the FRONT of a label. You can’t just take things at face value anymore. Read the back too. Familiarize yourself with shitty ingredients and serving sizes. 

Research companies that are trusted for their quality and integrity and seek to support them. I’ve even been caught off guard by some of my favorites a times, but when you find a few you feel good about trusting it can make it easier. 

Cook for yourself more…..with real food, not out of boxes and cans and bags. 

Start with the top three things that you already knew weren't the greatest for you and direct some annoyance to them. We tend to idolize things as a means of justifying why we do them, but that makes it extra hard to get out of the habit if we have sentimental value with it. A little bit mad can be really motivating. A lot mad is just letting them poison you twice. 

4. Q: You said something about a talk about how your emotions effect your body. How do I know what’s making me feel worse. My body or my thoughts. 

A: This one has lots of layers to it, but let me point you in the direction of Chinese Medicine (TCM) for this. Once you start poking around and understanding the ways the body communicates with us the deeper your instinct will grow about your own health. Your body knows everything it needs, you just gotta learn how to follow the clues. 

5. Q: I just discovered natural living and spirituality and I’m doing everything different now like….*Spins off into a manic list of all the things they’re doing. 

A: this is great! Life can transform when you start changing habits, getting connected and broadening your horizons. But let me ask. How do yo feel. I care far less about what  you're doing and more about how you're feeling. Going to all the yogas and shamans and soaking your crystals and eating green mush doesn’t matter if you're not also feeling really good (most of the time). Don’t forget how you feel is the ultimate science and there is no magic pill that works for everyone) There's a lot of healthy life style 'mimicking' going on, but just because something is branded as good doesn't mean its good for YOU. Might I suggest, for the sake of sustainability and truly knowing what is right for you, doing a few things at a time is the best. This way you can keep track of what makes the biggest effect on your health. Then if you have to pare down or get off track you know the core of what makes you feel the best. Example, I know I benefit from la la la la la la, but I know that water, sleep and sweat are my core nutritional values. Laughter and vegetables comes in right behind them. But all the powders and pills and classes aside. If I can stay hydrated, rested and sweating, I tend to get back in the swing of things quickly, and feel far less reactive to things I put in my body. (and what do those things have in common....they're free) 

Also if you HATE it, but want the result it promises…..theres always another option. It’s one of the major privileges of the modern day.