When do I get charged?
New Patrons get charged when they first make a pledge for whichever reward tier they have chosen.
The next time will be the 1st of every month until they cancel.
Patrons can also cancel at any time.

What kind of content can I expect to see?
I will be posting all of my main content here (I'm not gonna include every tweet I make lol)
This will include photo sets of my costumes, selfies, behind-the-scenes, walk throughs of my crafting process

What do I get as a Patron?
$1+) You get access to all of my content before it's shared to any of my other social media and a big hug from me!

($5+)Early access to my content, a monthly digital wallpaper, and you get to vote on an upcoming cosplay~         
($10+)Early access, wallpaper, cosplay voting, exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, and a fan sign in my monthly cosplay    
($20+)Early access, 2 wallpapers, cosplay voting, behind-the-scenes photos, fan sign, and 3 additional photos not released publicly from my photo sets~
($50+)Early access, 2 wallpapers, cosplay voting, behind-the-scenes photos, fan sign from each cosplay for the month, a signed and mailed print of your choice, and 5 additional photos from my photo sets.  
($100+)Early access, 2 wallpapers, cosplay voting, behind-the-scenes photos, fan sign from each cosplay, signed and mailed print, additional photos, PLUS you get to pick any costume under $100 that I get to make and send 10 exclusive photos for you!

What kind of photos should I expect?  
I will be releasing at least two photo sets a month. The basic set (that everyone will see) will be between 10-15 photos, with Patrons receiving high-res versions of all of them. Higher tiers will get additional photos from each set.
There will be two set types. My "serious" cosplay, the one that I devote more of my time/money/energy on, and my "sexy" cosplay which will get less time/money/energy but will have more fan service. That isn't to say that I can't devote more resources to one or the other, or that the "serious" cosplay can't have any fan service elements. This is just the simplest way for me to categorize what I do.

 Why two photo sets?
This is for a couple of reasons:
1. I really love costumes. I love dressing up and being pretty~ so the more the merrier!
2. Two a month is a doable amount for me
3. Helps me get through my MASSIVE cosplay wish list. Seriously, it's huge:

Will you ONLY do two sets a month? -
This is completely up to time/money/energy. I would love to be able to do more but even "cheap" ones still require everything a "serious" cosplay needs.
- If I am able to do more than two I most certainly will!  
- Any additional ones might not necessarily come from the polls I hold. They could be based on any current obsessions I have or if I receive fan mail that can be used for a shoot~  

So what goes into making a cosplay?

Costume- either supplies or lingerie as the case may be with some
Wig- Can find some cheap ones but some are upwards of $60
Contacts (for both appearance and function as I have bad vision)
Make up- Primer, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, false lashes... Additional props- I like to add atmosphere to my photos alright?
Camera- I have a not-so-great one, so for nicer photos I need a photographer Photographer- gotta make sure our schedules sync
Editing- Collecting the best shots, adjust lighting, cropping, making sure I look 100% amazing~ 

Can we support you in other ways?

Of course! Anything really helps. Liking, commenting, sharing any of my content on my various social media accounts is a completely free way to support me!

If you want to buy me something directly I have an Amazon wishlist that I add cosplay or photoshoot supplies to (and also video games XD)
Or you can sponsor a cosplay by sending me money to get supplies directly!

In the case that you purchase me anything I will give you a shout out on social media, feature you in "Fan Mail Friday" on my pages, and send you a couple selfies of me in said thing~