ūüéÉ Nightmare Night, such a fright, give me something sweet to bite... ¬†ūü¶á

Happy Nightmare Night, Patrons!  This year we have a special treat for you: a completely overhauled RPG with new and improved features.  Crystal has been hard at work the past few weeks rewriting the entire RPG.

Here is a list of what's been changed, updated, and added:

  • The entire RPG has been migrated to a backend server & database with a GUI administration panel. ¬†This means both Anzel and Crystal can add content much more easily than working with JSON files. ¬†And that means more content more quickly for y'all!
  • Context has been added to the RPG! ¬†Now, when you're in the shop or choosing your level bonuses, you don't have to type #rpg shop or #rpg bonus after the initial one. ¬†Azu will remember what you're talking about! ¬†(If you get trapped in a context loop, !context will break it. ¬†Please send Crystal a screenshot of where you got trapped so she can try to fix it.)
  • Everyone has a Friendship Bracelet. ¬†Now you can have more than one character to play! ¬†Just tell Azu #rpg friends to see and swap your characters. ¬†(Tokens are not generated on inactive characters.)
  • Character creation is a much more friendly and guided process through the use of context. ¬†Just tell Azu #rpg setup and she'll walk you through the rest!
  • Adventures are now (mostly) finished... including a brand new one to find.
  • The rewards for confrontations have been increased, but they will spawn less frequently. ¬†You shouldn't be punished for trying to help Equestria‚ÄĒand if you succeed, you should feel like it was worth it!
  • Your inventory should be more readable now, with pretty colors to help easily scan and discern what you're wearing, what you have locked, and what's unlocked!
  • Items now have an equipment slot: Wearing and Holding. ¬†The general gist is that armor and clothing are worn, while weapons and items are held. ¬†No more double Elements for you!
  • To make life easier, there is now a shortcut: ¬†#rpg wear [element|virtue]. ¬†For example, if you are about to face a Kindness & Hope confrontation, you can tell Azu #rpg wear kindness hope and she'll do her best to equip your best Kindness and your best Hope gear.
  • The shop has been upgraded not just with context to smooth the process, but colors and information to make everything as clear as possible upfront. ¬†Prices, availability, and (if applicable) how much you need to afford it are told all from the shop menu.
  • Similarly, the level bonus selection has been upgraded with context and upfront information. ¬†Know exactly what your Element and Virtues bonus currently sit at and what upgrading them would bring you to before you make any decisions without having to check your character sheet and do the math yourself.
  • The character sheet has been cleaned up to hopefully be more informative at a glance.
  • #rpg boons will now show you all of the boons that are or will be available to you, including unlock level and prerequisites.
  • There are also many, many backend changes that make our lives easier but should hopefully have no impact on your gameplay, such as everything being an extensible model and broken into separate functions for repeated use without repeated code.

The above list is by no means complete because Crystal is forgetful.  More may be added to it later for posterity's sake, but you get the gist: a lot has changed!!

As a note, two things are currently not functional but will be soon:

  • Achievements are going to be reworked to be actual achievements like "You climbed Mount Everest!, not "You stumbled on a rock but didn't fall and break your nose." ¬†They've presently been disabled while we decide what is actually an achievement.
  • Logs are disabled because Crystal hasn't hooked them up yet. ¬†Whoops!

Please, please, PLEASE!  If you find a bug or a typo or just something off, don't ping Crystal unless she has said otherwise.  Use Azurite's #bug feature to log what you find.  Thank you!!