Q&A - FACTION's One Year
Hey everybody, to celebrate our one year anniversary, we did a quick Q&A. We couldn't fit everything in, so what's left is going here! You can read the first portion here!

9. What time period is FACTION set in?
- RichieNot-so-rich 

I actually hid some dates in a very early panel of the comic. They’re not the current year of the story, but they’re close. MUlate itself just has some game rules biased against in-game technology (that doesn’t stop some players, mind you).

10. Any time you guys had to completely change what you were doing because a sketch or script wasn't coming out right?
- Patron Janine Kreil

Oh god. So many times on the writing end. Part of making something that's ongoing is about improvising. I do remember one time while working on the proto-comic which preceded FACTION, Alex Wozny and I were up at 1 am and thought to ourselves "We have to take out 7 characters RIGHT now". It turns out we didn't, and we were just very tired, but those sorts of realizations do occur.

Tons of small changes and omissions get made for page flow, but ultimately my job is to depict the writer’s script, so the big stuff is out of my hands. When I have a difficult composition or angle, I don’t find it intimidating, I just push through until I figure it out. 

11. How long do you plan on making this comic, do you have it all planned out, or just have a general idea and are just writing it in as you go along?
- RichieNot-so-rich

FACTION will be running for a long time! We’re still in what could be called the “First Act” of the comic, and will be for a while longer, though we have a lot of ideas for what’s to come. 

In terms of our writing, we try to have our scenes drafted out several months before they’re going to appear to the public. We have our entire plot drafted out, though we try to remain flexible enough to apply the feedback we hear from our audience and the lessons we learn from each other as the comic progresses.