The Q Fragments Website is now live!
Today I completed the final work on The Q Fragments website.

It will feature each chapter of the book playable on the site or available for download as well. In the coming few days each chapter will be available as podcasts from iTunes. I have built in pages about the story itself and for commentary and essays about the history and New Testament critical analyses that I consulted to write the story of an apocalyptic Jewish prophet who lived in the first century. This particular prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, was not the same Jesus the Messiah revered by Christians today. What happened during his life and death has been obscured by centuries of controversy, fabrication, redaction and special pleading. But serious research indicates that the truth was otherwise. The Q Fragments is one possible explanation of what might have actually occurred, and the outcome once the facts are revealed.

I will be uploading a chapter each day until the entire book is available on the site. If you care to support this book and the website, and further work and research on my next story, please support me through Patreon here, or you may donate directly on the site or buy The Q Fragments in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon. Links are on the site.

I hope you enjoy the story and it fosters critical and rational thinking about this important part of history.