Q&A [mild spoilers] - Jordana - How long did it take...?
When the Q&A round was still open, I mentioned that everyone was asking the questions that were going to be difficult for the characters to answer.  This one probably didn't seem like one of them, but it's actually a pretty big can of worms.  Now, I will say that Jordana is being hard on herself to some extent.  She's one of the best soldiers in the East Sphere, period.  But she's also young and only a newly promoted officer, and she holds herself to some really high standards.

The stuff she's referring to is a pretty huge deal, but it'll be a while before we really get into it in the story.  We will get some bits of relevant information during the second half of the current chapter, though.

Sad Jordana makes me sad, though.

(p.s. Another reminder since his name has only been mentioned once in the comic - Cannon was the East Sphere King before Samsid.)