Q & A: This Saturday, April 29th
Hey guys! We're setting the date and time for the Q & A for this Saturday from 7-8PM EST.  The live portion of the Q & A will be for $10 and up Patrons (make sure your Patreon email is accurate for the invite), but we'll be releasing the Q & A to all Patrons once the live chat wraps up. 

We're still working out which chat platform we will use, but the basic layout will be for Marissa and I to be live on video and then patrons will interact with us and each other through a chat window. 

This will be our first go-around for this, so if there are glitches (and usually there are) please bear with us :)

The chat will revolve around a theme for the first 45 minutes, but the last 15 minutes will be a "shotgun round" for any random questions you may have for us. 

Here are the 3 options for a topic for the chat. Which one do you guys prefer?

What is the right RV for me?

How do I make travel plans?

I want to downsize. Where do I start?

64 votes total