Q1 2017 Status Update
 It's about time for the new status update so I'll post the current progress of the projects.

Megami Saga: Resurrection

Reiko VS Arena

  • Project started during the Summer.
  • First Person Turn Based Action Game.
  • Code was created to optimize Megami Saga VS code in PC and Android. 
  • Public Demo will be released next week.
  • Beta Testing in December via the Patron site.
  • The game will release in January for PC and Android.

Megami Saga VS

  • Plan on using VS Arena's code to improve the game speed.
  • Due to Megami Saga: Resurrection's revamp/edits the next release will be early next year.
  • Plan on a tweak on the current combat system to speed things up.
  • More details in January.

Mizuki Saga

  • The story outline for the first story arc is done.
  • The first arc will focus on introducing the characters.
  • Drawings will begin this week.


  • Illusory Sorcery design is complete and will use the VS game code.
  • Artwork will begin in January.
  • If the current raffle meets it's goal then and Illusory Sorcery themed raffle will begin around New Years.