QLC 029: Live a Great Story with Zach Horvath
Today I’m excited to welcome Zach Horvath to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.

Zach Horvath is the founder of Live a Great Story, a brand building a community of people focused on spreading inspiration and doing what we do best, better.

Zach’s inspiration for LIVE started with a one way, open ended trip to Europe that ended up being 7 months. During that time he met some amazing people from around the world of all backgrounds, ages, sexes, views and directions. He realized that we’re all just trying to figure out our own path, despite our differences, focuses, languages and everything else that makes us different.

After returning from this trip, Zach was struggling with finding a creative, marketing/branding job and spray painted a big LIVE A GREAT STORY on a wall in San Diego. It took off on Instagram with #liveagreatstory and has since evolved into what it is today.

With a focus on media and sharing stories of people or brands who are making a difference, LIVE also has an awesome ‘Reminder’ product section, consisting of stickers, badges, mugs, shirts and more. To date they’ve distributed 30,000+ stickers, 10,000+ buttons and reached hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

Zach was also kind enough to offer 25% off to all listeners of The Quarter Life Comeback. Simply use the coupon code QLC when checking out.

“Just start and see what happens”

- Why you don’t need to learn more before making a difference
- Why Zach decided to stop traveling
- How to figure out your mission (when personality tests don’t help)
- When to quit or when to keep pushing an idea
- Tips for starting your own social movement
- 3 ways to live a great story

Hear more and get the full show notes at bryanteare.com/029.

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