QLC 041: Navigating a Career Crossroads with Alison Cardy
Today I'm excited to welcome Alison Cardy to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.

Alison Cardy is a career change specialist who helps young adults navigate career crossroads and pivot to more fulfilling work.

But before taking on this role, Alison was an unhappy quarter lifer herself, stuck at a desk as an accountant. Rather than sitting there feeling miserable for herself, she decided to start trying different things that interested her.

Through this experimentation, Alison developed a love for coaching and helping others, which she now does in her career coaching practice.

This episode was a little different, as we used a case study throughout the interview to demonstrate how to apply the wisdom Alison shared. The interview is packed with actionable steps for figuring out what it is you ACTUALLY want to do, and then taking the steps to start making it happen.

"That gut feeling is a really good guidance”


  • Why it's so common to feel stuck in your career
  • How to differentiate between knowing when to quit vs. giving up too early
  • How to navigate a career crossroads (live case study)
  • The 4 prongs of career exploration
  • The quickest way to get more information about a job
  • Alison's thoughts on taking a gap year mid-career

Hear more and get the full show notes at bryanteare.com/041.

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Bryan Teare is a coach and host of The Quarter Life Comeback podcast where he interviews various experts, mentors and other inspiring guests to empower young adults to create extraordinary lives. Follow him on Twitter at @BryanTeare.

Originally published at bryanteare.com on December 5, 2016.

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