QLC 046: Building a Powerful Network with Jared Kleinert
Today I’m excited to welcome Jared Kleinert to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.

Jared Kleinert is the co-author of 2 Billion Under 20, a TED speaker and the founder of Kleinert Ventures, a marketing consulting firm helping leaders and companies market, recruit and retain millennials.

Jared was a team member at 15Five and Learnist, and successfully started (and spectacularly failed at) two startups as a teenager. At 17, Forbes named him the “Definition of Social Entrepreneur” and he’s since appeared in Fast Company, TechCrunch, Business Insider and Huffington Post.

Jared’s real power lies in his ability to grow a powerful network, even being called the “most connected millennial in the world”. His new book, 3 Billion Under 30, continues the theme of interviewing the world’s most successful millennials, but this time focuses on more established entrepreneurs.

“I needed to surround myself with better people” (Tweet this)


  • Why you should do more work than you’re paid for
  • The biggest lessons learned from 2 failed startups
  • How to work for free when you have bills to pay
  • Tips for connecting with your dream mentor
  • How to grow a vast, powerful network using “super connectors”
  • The 3 biggest lessons learned from the world’s most successful millennials

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Bryan Teare is a coach and host of The Quarter Life Comeback podcast wherehe interviews various experts, mentors and other inspiring guests to empoweryoung adults to create extraordinary lives. Follow him on Twitter at @BryanTeare.

Originally published at bryanteare.com on January 16, 2017.