QoL-X 2018 - Saving Harrys Quality of Life
Experiments in our first quarter of 2018 have included the unexpected opportunity to save Quality of Life for someone falling down into the black hole of institutionalized elder care. Harry is 91, a brilliant WW2 vet, documentary film maker and music producer. He’s also mostly deaf and half blind. When Harry fell to the floor on Christmas Eve, he began to fall even farther into the hole of elder care in our institutionalized medical systems. Nothing has been easy about helping him regain his Quality of Life. Harry’s mind is still sharp, he’s kind and impossible not to love, but his body has gotten a lot weaker. Luckily we’ve been able to get him Into his new long term home, with caregivers available at the touch of a button. It’s taken incredible time and tenacity to get him back into a safe and loving environment, but we think he’s now wonderfully revitalized and able to enjoy life again! Huge thank you to *everyone* who’ve helped me and our guy Max his QoL! We’ve learned so much along the way, and have clear opportunities to Max the QoL a lot more in elder care, where QoL is so often so tragically low. More about all that in next posts. In the meantime, if you and/or someone you love are dealing with the stresses and constant needs of caregiving, we are here for you! Send me your questions anytime. There are so many ways to waste time in these stupid systems, let us help you waste less time!