First Qt 5 GUI demo

In less than a month since our previous post, we are sincerely pleased to announce the first ever Qt 5 GUI application for the OS/2 platform! This is just a simple example program that ships with Qt 5.11 (slightly modified to replace the boring white background and add some international text) but it is a fully functioning native OS/2 PM application. It already provides a lot of possibilities in terms of painting in native PM windows using modern drawing and font processing techniques (true color, transparency, anti-aliasing and much more).

There is also another Qt GUI example application that we got running — the classic Analog Clock demo. The fun thing is that, besides staring at screen shots in this post, you may also download these applications to play with them live using this link! It's a ZIP archive that contains both applications and all necessary Qt 5 run-time files. Note that this archive requires that  you have the RPM/YUM environment installed on your OS/2 machine (all ArcaOS installs provide it by default). Please consult to README included in the archive for more detailed instructions on how to run these demos.

All in all, this demonstrates that we are on the right track. We've already invested a good amount of work in Qt 5 (and in our OS/2 support in general) and here are the first fruits. We are now confident that we can have it done in an estimated time frame. However, we depend on your support in order to finish this project. It is still about 6 months of full time work to a point where such a complex Qt 5 application as the Falkon web browser can be built on OS/2. You can help us in one of three ways, whichever is most convenient for you:

Update 25.04.2019: The ZIP archive is updated to provide a newer version that fixes console window corruption at demo application termination.

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