QtCore 5.11 porting and testing finished

Dec 31, 2018


We are proud to announce that we finished porting *and testing* the QtCore module of the Qt library version 5.11 for OS/2! This makes the text-mode part of Qt officially ready to go (including the QtNetwork, QtXml and a bunch of other utility modules). The test suite for QtCore contains 189 test units with a total amount of almost 70k tests! The release build passes 68666 tests (with only 2 occasionally failing because of the too coarse OS/2 system timer — this is to be fixed soon). The debug build passes 68572 tests (with only 2 failures as well, for the same reason). This is quite a number. Apparently, Qt5 is going to be the best Qt for OS/2 port ever.

We at bitwise wish you all Happy New Year! We also want to thank those of you who supported us through all the past years! We are looking forward into 2019 where we plan to finish Qt 5 and bring a new browser experience to the OS/2 platform (among other nice Qt 5 applications out there).


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